Research Interests

Interdisciplinary Music Performance Studies: Empirical and theoretical research into the Ecology of Performance. Examining the physical, psychological and social dimensions connecting embodied music cognition with the kinesthetics of performance and the construction of performance practices. Emphasis on applications of Gibsonian ecological psychology and Actor-Network Theory

Hyper-Instruments and the future of Acoustic Music: Utilizing digital technology to extend physical control over the generation and manipulation of purely acoustic sound, the musical embodiment of "augmented reality"

The Church of Greenland and the Inuit Organ Tradition: The first person to document the pipe organs of Greenland, future research will explore the sacred music practices in the Moravian Church and Catholic and Anglican Dioceses of the Canadian arctic


Refereed Journal Articles

"Ecologies of Practice in Musical Performance." MUSICultures, Vol. 45/1-2, 2018

“Keyboard Psychohaptics: a Nexus of Multidisciplinary Research into Kinesthetics, Gesture, and Expression.”  Keyboard Perspectives, Vol. 6, 2013

Research Reports, Proceedings, and other Articles

"Hyperorgan Mediation Technology," Orgelpark Research Reports, Vol. 5/2, 2017  (forthcoming)

"Recent Organ Design Innovations and the 21st-century 'Hyperorgan'." Doctoral Essay for the Eastman School of Music. Published on the Huygens-Fokker Foundation website. May 2011

“The Church of Greenland and the Inuit Organ Tradition.”  The American Organist, January 2010

Conference Presentations

“The Inertial Discourse of Gesture in the Construction of Musical Practices.” Iowa Musicology Day. Cedar Falls, IA. April 2019

Keynote Address: “Hyperorgans: How Things Stand," Orgelpark Research Symposium
Glorious and Shocking Sounds. Amsterdam, The Netherlands. June 2017

“Reassembling the Musickal.” Iowa Musicology Conference, Kirkwood Community College. Cedar
Rapids, IA. April 2017

“Inertia and Gesture in Embodiments of Time," Making Time in Music. University of Oxford, UK. September 2016

“The Ecological Construction of Performance," Performance Studies Network Conference (PSN 2016). Bath Spa University, UK. July 2016

“Direct Action and the Primacy of Gesture in the Ecology of Performance," Porto International Conference on Musical Gesture as Creative Interface. Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Porto, Portugal. March 2016

Keynote Address: “Hyperorgans and the Future of Acoustic Music," Orgelpark Research Symposium Bending Baroque. Amsterdam, The Netherlands. June 2015

“Psychohaptics and the Affordances of Musical Instruments: Toward an Ecological Theory of Performance.” 13th International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition (ICMPC). Seoul, South Korea.  August 2014

“Practical Applications and Implications of the Scientific Study of Organ Performance and Pedagogy.”  Workshop for the National Convention of the American Guild of Organists.  Boston, MA.  June 2014

“Hyperorgan Technology, Augmented Reality, and the Triumph of Acoustic Music.”  National Convention of the American Guild of Organists.  Boston, MA.  June 2014

"Rethinking Contemporary Organs," Orgelpark Research Symposium Electrifying Baroque. Amsterdam, The Netherlands. June 2014

"Affordances, Practice, Gesture and the Ecology of Performance." Iowa Musicology Conference. Cedar Falls, IA. April 2014

"Hyperorgan: Augmented Reality, Affordances, and the Ecology of the Wondrous Machine."
Eastman Rochester Organ Initiative Festival (EROI). Rochester, NY. September 2013

“Shifting Affordances: Contemporary Music and the Analog Mechanics of the Baroque Organ.” 
American Baroque in the 21st Century: Old Meets New at the King of Instruments,
Cornell University.  Ithaca, NY.  September 2012

“Technology, Tradition, and the Analog Acoustic: New Synergies for 21st-Century Organ Building
in the Woehl Studio Acusticum Organ.”  The Westfield Center 2012 conference.  Houston, TX.  April 2012

“From Hydraulis to Hyperorgan: the Pipe Organ, Technology, and the Quest for Maximal Agency.”
Harvard Graduate Music Forum, Harvard University.  Cambridge, MA.  February 2012

“Acoustic and Psychohaptics in a Pipe Organ reconstruction: Eastman’s Craighead-Saunders Organ.” 
Biannual Conference of the Society for Music Perception and Cognition.  Rochester, NY.  August 2011

“The Psychohaptics of Organ Performance: Toward the Comprehensive Characterization of the Organist.”  Eastman Rochester Organ Initiative Festival (EROI).  Rochester, NY.  October 2009

 “Haptic Technology for Organ Performance: Reimagining the Reciprocal Relationship between the Kinesthetic  and Aural Domains.” Göteborg International Organ Academy (GOArt) Symposium.  Göteborg, Sweden.  August 2009